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IH Chemical Pump In Stainless Steel
Product introduced
IH CentrifugalChemical Pump In Stainless Steel

It is applicable to pump and transport virtually all chemicals, acids, alkalies, corrosive slurries, solvents, hydrocarbons etc.

MBIM PUMP series IH pumps are Centrifugal Centrifugal Pump in back pull-out construction 
Foot mounted 
Single stage 
End suction and top centerline discharge confirming to DIN 24256/ISO 2858 standards and in general confirming to API 610 as well. 

 Chemical Process Industries                 Organic & Inorganic Liquids Refineries 
 Fertilizer Plants                                     Dyes & Intermediates Oil Extraction 
 Bulk Drugs And Pharmaceutical            Effluent Treatment Plants 
 Heating And Air Conditioning Plants     Cooling Towers 
 Sugar Plant                                           Fire Fighting 
 Water Supply Hydrocarbon                  Volatile Liquids 
 Pulp And Paper Textile                         Power Steel 
 Cement Agriculture                               Fiber 
 Jet Dying                                              Thermic Fluid 
 Hot Water etc... 

 Operating Range:- 
 Capacity - Q-       Up To600 M3/Hr. 
 Head -               Up To 120 Mtr. 
 Pump Sizes -         DN25 mm to 200 mm. 
 Speed - N -          1450/2900rpm at 50 Hz  
 Temperature         180 DEG.C 
 Material of Construction:- 
 Graded Grey Cast Iron   Carbon Steel ( WCB) 
 Alloy Steel                      CF8(SS304) 
 CF8M(SS316)               CF3(SS304L) 
 CF3M(SS-316L)           Alloy 20 
 Cd4mcu.                        Nickle & Ni-Alloys 
 Ni-Resist                        2-1nicl 
 R55                                Hastelloy- B/C 
 Gun Metal/Bronze 

Optional Accessories:- 
 M.S. Fabricated Base Frame/Flexible Coupling/Coupling Guard/Foundation Bolt. 

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