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MBIHS Chemical Process Pump
Product introduced
MBIHS Chemical Process Pump

It is suitable for transporting acid, alkali and salt solution, strong oxidant, organic solvents and other strong corrosive medium(except high-temperature molten alkali metals, elements fluorine and chlorine trifluoride) not containing particles. If the medium is hydrofluoric acid or hydrobromic acid, it also can be used.

1)Main Features:
   a)international most advanced level making
   b) Compact structure;Performance is reliable
   c) Low noise, steady performance
   d) No leakage
   e) High concentricity of components
   f)Anti-corrosive and of good performance
   g)The electricity dawdles low
   h)It is convenient to install,debug,maintain
2) Applications:
   a) Petroleum Industry
   b) Chemical Industry
   c) Pharmacy and Health
   d) Environmental and Water treatment
   e)electroplating industry
   f)Environmental protection
   g)food service industry
   h)Printing and dyeing area
   i)textile industry, etc
3) Technical Parameter:
   a) Flow: 6- 120m³/h
   b) Head: 18-60m
   c) Operating Temperature:-20 - 100ˇăC
   d) Shaft Sealing : Mech. Seal
   e)Motor: Closed, externally ventilated
   f)Insulation class: B (Class F if required)
   g)Protection class: IP44 / IP55
   h)Duty: Continuously rated
4) Material:
  Wetted Parts:Fluroplastic lined with Metal
  Base Plate: Cast iron,Carbon Steel
Speed: Contact us,our 10 sales staffs will immediately reply to your inquiries within 24 hours.
Sample:We can forward the samples within 2 working days.
Garantee:Effecting delivery prompt with no delay;Respecting the commercial integrity highly.


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