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MMCP Plastic Centrifugal Pump
Product introduced
MMCP Chemical Process Pump(Single or Double Mechanical Seal)

It is suitable for transporting acid, alkali and salt solution, strong oxidant, organic solvents,corrosive slurries,solvents,hydrocarbons and other strong corrosive medium.If the medium is hydrofluoric acid or hydrobromic acid, it also can be used.The manufacture of MMCP chemical pump is conformity with EN22858(ISO 2858) in respect of design, performance and dimensions.

1)Main Features:   

a)Dimensions comply with DIN EN 22858 (ISO 2858)  
b)Parts in contact with the medium made of solid plastic                                 
c)Sturdy armour in ductile cast iron  
d)Closed impeller with low axial thrust  
e)Open, axially adjustable impeller with back vanes  
f)Corrosion protection of metallic components by multiple coatings of epoxy resin paint  
g)Fast assembly and disassembly  
h) Low noise, steady performance  
i) No leakage

2) Applications:  
a) Petroleum Industry  
b) Chemical Industry  
c) Pharmacy and Health  
d) Environmental and Water treatment  
e)electroplating industry  
f)Environmental protection  
g)food service industry  
h)Printing and dyeing area  
i)textile industry, etc

3) Technical Parameter:  
a) Flow: 5- 1800m³/h  
b) Head: 1.5-80m  
c) Operating Temperature:FEP(-50 - +180ˇăC),PVDF(-20 - +130ˇăC),PP(0 - +100ˇăC),PE(-40 -+80ˇăC)  
d)Motor: Closed, externally ventilated  
e)Insulation class: B (Class F if required)  
f)Protection class: IP44 / IP54 / IP55(squirrel cage motor)  
g)Duty: Continuously rated

Chemical Norm Pumps

Parts of the pump in contact with the liquid
are manufactured from the following standard
Polypropylene PP
Temperature range form
0 ˇăC to +100 ˇăC
High Molecular Polyethylene PE
Temperature range from
-50 ˇăC to +80 ˇăC
Polyvinylidene Fluoride PVDF
Temperature range from
-20 ˇăC to +130 ˇăC
These materials have been selected as a
result of many years of experience in the
use of chemical engineering materials, to
satisfy the special demands made in
pump construction.


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