Million Best International Mechanical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai,China.MBIM is a professional manufacturer,specilizing corrosion resistant pumps,lined valves,plastic lined steel pipe and fittings.Meanwhile,we produce all-plastic products and all-metallic products.Now we are mainly exporting our products to Taiwan,USA,Europe and Middle-east.Our products are well received home and abroad,especially the MMCP TYPE chemical process pump and MMCYP TYPE vertical centrifugal pump.
    The liner craft includes mold pressing,liner tightening,isotonic shaping.
    We set up a manufacture base in Huacao Town, Minhang District, Shanghai, in 2005. The new site of our factory was situated in Songjiang District, which covers an area of more than 33660sqm. The first factory ...
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TEL: 86-21-57899277  FAX: 86-21-57899276
Address: NUM 106th,Shangyu Road,East New District of Song Jiang Industry Zone. Shanghai
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